♥Happiness came to me as a cat.

Hey, はじめまして、はるです.
Wind ist mein Atem und mein Erzählung. Wallflower.

 - Kamiya Hiroshi (Rivaille) x Kaji Yuki (Eren jaeger)


After I saw this, I asked my friend to translate this… He’s not perfect at Japanese and I don’t if this is all 100% correct, but this translation will probably help someone so I’ve decided to share it with you. If somebody who knows Japanese better sees some mistake, please correct it.

Rivaille: Get in.

Eren: Uhm…

Rivaille: What are you doing? Quickly, get over here.

Eren: What…? So suddenly… I’m an idiot for coming here.

Eren: What? No! Wait, don’t tie me!

Rivaille: But this way… We can do this properly.

Eren: Seriously… What’s gotten into you now?

Rivaille: You see, Eren… I’ve been thinking what are you taking me for?

Eren: Sto… Shit! Why am I shaking like this?

Rivaille: It can’t be that… You can’t bare something like this?

Rivaille: Take a good look.

Eren: Such a thing… I don’t know.

Rivaille: You’re not scared, are you? That would be funny.

Eren: Is that so…

Rivaille: Ooh… About the thing I want… Do you have the confidence to say it?

Eren: Ple… Please start already…!

Rivaille: Heh… It’s so big.

Rivaille: Now, after that…

Eren: Uhm…

Rivaille: What is it? If you don’t say it properly, I don’t know.

Eren: More… I want more…

Rivaille: It’s okay. I’ll put it in.

Rivaille: What’s wrong? Should we stop?

Eren: No…

Rivaille: Ah, I’m coming…

Rivaille: From now, you should know one thing: I love you.

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SHARK KISSES by *HamletMachine


yo creí que en esa escena Rin Había besado a Haru! jajaja

como le mostraban nada más la cara!

Free y su Yaoi mal disfrazado en el ultimo capitulo


I’ll just leave this here and go cry in a corner.


I’ll just leave this here and go cry in a corner.

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This ship sails itself.


This ship sails itself.

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/nervous laughter


Junjou romantica is getting a season

Yokozawa takafumi no baai is getting a movie in 2014 

Love Stage!! Is getting an anime

…. It’s a good time for BL



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I needed to get this out of my system (jfc this show is killing me)

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It had to be done 

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The Piltover Enforcer
"Vi, stands for Violence!"


The Piltover Enforcer

"Vi, stands for Violence!"

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